Selasa, 15 April 2014


As salam. Sunyi pula aku rasa malam ni. Ye la, Roomate pun x mai lagi.. sedang aku dop termenung. Tetiba aku teringatkan family aku kat kampung. Kalu aku kat kampung skunk ni kan best.. emm nasib.. x sabar rasanya nak habiskan sisa-sisa di penang selama sebulan..

I Miss My Family

I feel more dead then alive
how without my family am I to survive?
my family's my life their the reason that breath
being away from them is not simply just a pet peeve
without them tears flood my eyes
and I'm more likely to believe someone else's lies
no one to talk to that is not just behind this computer screen
and if I were to be hurting, would it even be seen?
the pain I'm feeling
is leaving me on the floor reeling
I miss my family what more can I possibly say?
I hate the fact that from them they keep ripping me away
I miss them nearly more then I can bare
see their the only one's in person that seems to care
I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders without them by my side
I am just a coward you wishes to run and hide
I hate this town more then anyone could possibly know
and I hate every time they make me go
I love my family and I miss them so

Written by BlueBeastGirl 


Jumaat, 4 April 2014


Sekarang ni mungkin tengah musim bunga kot sampaikan kat USM dah betul-betul jadi macam musim bunga.. Memang cantik giler. Sampaikan aku dapat feeling2 ada kat korea sekarang.. hihi.. Kalau nak rasa datang la USM Penang.. OPsss.. promote la pulak.. hihi. However enjoy the pictures .