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Upcoming Song Ji Hyo Drama "Emergency Woman and Man"

New Update. hai.. Kali ni wanie nak update skit drama yang bakal dilakonkan oleh heroin Running Man iaitu SONG JI HYO dengan Drama "Emergency Woman and Man". Dengar-dengar citer ni best.Tapi mungkin cite ni lambat sikit nak ditayangkan kat MALAYSIA. So tunggu je la. Sekarang aku nak kenalkan para pelakon dalam Drama tersebut : 
Song Ji Hyo
 Choi Jin Hyuk
Lee Pil Mo

Choi Yeo Jin

So check it out the pictures.

New Stills from Upcoming Drama “Emergency Woman and Man” Released

New pictures from the upcoming drama “Emergency Woman and Man” have surfaced on the Internet.
On January, the production team of the cable TV channel tvN’s new drama “Emergency Woman and Man” released several poster pictures as well as some drama stills that included the main actors Song Ji Hyo, Choi Jin Hyuk, Choi Yeo Jin, Lee Pil Mo, and Clara.
Despite the shooting taking much more time than usual, the 5 people looked like they were enjoying shooting for the drama posters and it seemed like the atmosphere around the shooting was pretty much relaxed and fun.
Emergency Man & Woman tells a story of a couple that has been divorced for 6 years who become a resident doctor in the same hospital. Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) and Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) play a couple who thought they were fated for each other during their university years so they got married, however, after marriage they ended up getting a divorce due to various reasons.
The first episode will air on January 24.

Emergency Woman and Man

Actually i really wonder what will happen when they need to work together after being a divorced couple in this drama.. song ji yho and choi jin hyuk !.thats why im dying  waiting this drama. 

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