Selasa, 29 Oktober 2013

SOMEDAY -first love in a first sign.


       A . S

I don't know how much longer
That I have to put up with everything
I have been hiding all the truth inside my heart

Everytime we meet
Everytime you turn to face me
Thought I look indifferent
Do you know how much i have to force myself?

Can you hear my heart calling for you?
My heart ia telling you that I LOVE YOU
But I cant open my heart for anyone to know

Can you hear that?
My heart keep waiting there for you
Waiting there for you to open it
and hope you will realize.


Thought I love You
Thought I feel it
But deep down inside, I don't dare to tell you

Everytime we meet
Every times you turn to me
That I pretend to be still

Can you hear it?
But I had to release it cause others would curious
I'm waiting there for you to open
I can only hope you will know 

That this person loves you
Please I hope you will know


2 ulasan:

Aziani Din berkata...

i know for who u dedicate this..

wanie ou berkata...

in love like crazy..:)