Isnin, 31 Disember 2012

Just wanna say bye~bye 2012 and hello 2013

Today's date is 31/12/12 .. means tomorrow is 01/01/2013 


So this year, I make a little easier wishess than last year because not all of my wishess happens.So in conjunction with 2013 .. I wish to... tutttttt.... will be not effective if i tell it.. heheee..

Thanxs for be nice to me.  you are a great year that i have done.. i hope next year will be like you. I will keep all the memories between me and you in my memory box and remember back as a reminiscence.

Because of you too,  today i get what i want. You really taught me how to recognize a person's good or bad and you show me that believing someone can be the worst thing in life. Apart from that, you also made ​​me see different kinds of people as hypocritical, ego .. and the most severe is the human is a friend of my own .. what a bad ...
but I would assume it is the memories of my life for 2012.. :)

today.. i close the door to the past and open the door to the future, take a deep breathe and step on through to the start the next chapter of my life 

lets make a wish for 2013---
I hope you, 2013  will being a super duper graet year to me and please be nice to me.. and  not ever lets the past make me down.. peeps 
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